Book one is all about how I always felt different and never felt like I fitted in, but has a positive message about how I over came it. You can get your signed copy direct from me and I will get my human to post it for £7.00 plus postage and packaging, or you can get yours direct from Amazon.

‘A lightheard tale of cat who felt he didn’t fit in, but finds happiness and friendship. My three year old has really enjoyed the story and illustrations, and asks for it repeatedly at bedtime!’ – Miss H

‘I bought this book for my granddaughter to help her during some turbulent family times. She loves it and reads it often. It has been a real help. She loves Winston!’ – LisaJ

My three year old daughter loves Winston’s adventures. She’s eagerly awaiting the next instalment. (This is secretly one of daddy’s favourites too…) Winston is such a cool dude. Brilliant fun! – Mr D Goodman

My little girl loved this book ! A great journey about a cat who didn’t quite fit in and the adventures he will go on, can’t wait for the next instalment and seeing where this takes Winston.  Well done Emma.  – Mark Brimson